About… ME!

What does Sweden, game collecting, and Holt-Oram Syndrome have in common?… ME! I’m known as the Handi-Gamer, but my friends call me Raz, and I am a handicapped game collector from Sweden. Actually I’ve only been into ‘serious’ game collecting the past year or two, but before that I had a modest games collection, and now it’s growing at a rapid pace.

This site will be my journal as I head forward into the big world of game collecting. I currently have over 400 games, 12 home consoles, and 6 portables, but my goal is to one day have all the games that are on my ‘Need To Have’-list. And beyond that? Who know’s, there’s always a bigger fish to catch.

Follow me, if you will, as I delve deeper into the not-so-seedy underbelly of the retro game collecting scene and as my own collection grows. I will be documenting games I find interesting and new pickups through posts and fun videos that I’ll upload to Youtube. Feel free to bookmark the site to stay up date with my trek through ultimate nerdome, and find out why – when you go handicap, you don’t come back!… Well, I mean unless doctors find a cure…