Greetings Gamers!

… And welcome to a brand new gaming blog! I’ll be your friendly neighborhood blogger and n00b game collecting enthusiast! The site might be called Handi-Gamer, but you can call me Raz, because I like you, you’re cute ;).

I’m from Sweden and I’m pretty new to the game collecting scene but I learn fast and my collection has expanded quickly. I currently have over 400 games and 13 home consoles as well as 7 portables. This site will be a collection of text and video posts about my game collection and ‘game collecting’ in general. I’ll be covering one or two games at a time from a variety of game consoles, including, but not limited to:

  • All Playstaion consoles (yes, that’s right, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, PSVita and whatever else may come in the future)
  • All Xbox consoles (sans the various versions like Xbox One X, I’m only human after all, I must have money to eat)
  • Most Nintendo console (I’m lacking one or two, but don’t worry, that’s a part of the joy in Game Collecting 😉 )
  • Some Sega consoles (Again, getting the ones I don’t have yet is a part of the adventure!)
  • … And who knows, maybe one or two other special guest consoles *cheeky smile*.

I hope you take the opportunity to bookmark this page and stay tuned and up to date with what’s bound to be a jolly ol’ journey through the wondrous world of games!

Best wishes,
Your loving stalker – Raz

Author: Raz

I'm your friendly neighborhood blogger and handicapped game collecting enthusiast from Sweden! And I post short articles and videos about games and game consoles both new and old, game collecting, and about things that I've added to my collection. Hope you'll join me as we punish our bookshelves with the weight of all the great games we add!